Planning decision from 4th October 2017- Lympne Parish Council

Y17/0837/SH 2 Manor Farm Cottages Aldington Road Court-At-Street Hythe Listed Building Consent for the replacement of one lower front window with a softwood double glazed window There were no objections to this application the decision being unanimous.
Y17/1023/SH Quorum Ashford Road Newingreen Hythe Kent Certificate of lawful development (existing) for the use of outbuilding as a self-contained residential unit. The application was agreed after a vote-

3 for

1 against

1 Abstaining

Y17/1038/SH 4 Octavian Drive Lympne Hythe Kent CT21 4JG Erection of a single storey detached summerhouse in rear garden. The decision made was to object to this application and was unanimous.

Having considered the plans members objected on the grounds that the proposed building was out of proportion with the original building and not in keeping with buildings in the locality

Y17/1062/SH Five Farthings Aldington Road Lympne Hythe Kent Felling of one Sycamore (T3) and re-pollard back to previous pollarding points of ten Sycamores (T4-T13), all subject of Tree Preservation Order No 21 of 2008. No Objections Unanimous
Y17/1035/SH 13 Folks Wood Way Lympne Hythe Kent Conversion of garage to living accommodation No objections were raised however there are continuing concerns that removing off road parking spaces will increase traffic congestion and potentially effect road safety both of vehicles and pedestrians
Y17/1150/SH Harewood Aldington Road Lympne Hythe Re-pollarding of one Sycamore tree (T1) and the felling one of Sycamore tree (T2) subject of Tree Preservation Order No 21 of 2008 No Objections- Unanimous
Y17/1104/SH Stirrups Stone Street Lympne Hythe Erection of outbuilding and single storey rear extension, together with the removal of chimney, insertion of flue and erection of car port and ramp. This application was unanimously objected to on the following grounds-

The proposed outbuilding appears to be inappropriately large (as an outhouse) in proportion to the size of the original dwelling. The carport is not subservient to the main building. There was however some discussion as to whether the carport would be a permitted development?