Attempt Fraud Dymchurch

Attempted Fraud in Dymchurch



Officers from Kent and Essex’s Serious Crime Directorate are investigating an attempted fraud which targeted a Dymchurch resident.


On Tuesday 7 November the victim, in his 70s, was approached by a man claiming to be a police officer who knocked on his front door. He was told that an investigation into rogue traders who worked on his driveway had begun and he may be called as a witness.


The victim then reports to have received a call stating he was eligible for a £3,000 refund as the rogue traders had been convicted. In order to get this refund he would need to pay the outstanding VAT and an officer would collect the payment.


The victim then told his son what had happened and they contacted Kent Police before any money had been handed over.


Detective Sergeant Marc Cananur said: ‘The victim in this case did completely the right thing when he told his son what had happened.


‘We are keen to ensure people know how to spot the signs of a fraudulent visit or phone call so their finances are not put at risk. I would encourage friends and family members to pass on fraud prevention advice to help protect residents who may not be aware of this type of scam.’


Protect yourself against courier fraud, remember:


  • The police or your bank will never send a courier to your home to collect your bank card or other items and will never ask for cash, valuables, or your PIN.
  • If you receive one of these calls end it immediately without providing information.
  • If you wish to call your bank use a number known to you, not one provided by the caller. Call from another phone, or call a friend first to ensure the offenders have been disconnected from your line.
  • If you’ve handed over any personal bank details to the fraudster, call your bank and cancel your cards immediately.